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How BI Works

At Boardroom Insiders, We Build Products to Help Sales and Marketing Teams Engage the C-Suite.

Selling and Marketing to the C-suite Requires a Strategic Approach.

You need to speak the right language, understand the core problems and know the right people to sell to the C-suite. At Boardroom Insiders, we designed our products to help C-level sellers and marketers gain access to key decision makers, build more powerful relationships and close bigger deals, faster.

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Our Solutions

Two Powerful Solutions to Fit Your Executive Engagement Needs

BI SIGNATURE delivers in-depth executive profiles on all your target accounts. BI PRO offers the same plus the ability to generate valuable executive insights you can't find anywhere else.

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Database of 20,000+ Executive Profiles
  • Database with 20,000+ executive profiles
  • CXO profiles from fortune 1000 companies
  • Custom profiles and updates available upon request
Comprehensive Executive Profiles
  • Insight into background, business priorities, hobbies and more
  • All profiles are vetted and constantly updated
Fast-Track Profile Updates
  • Request updates with a single click
  • Profiles typically updated in 48 hours
Advanced Search Capabilities
  • Find executives by company, role, interests and more
  • Dozens of filters available
  • Save search results and criteria for later use
Expert Vetted Research
  • Executive intelligence compiled by real, human researchers
  • Team of editors constantly audit system to deliver accurate data
  • No web scraping or data mining bots are ever used to collect data
Request New Profiles
  • Submit a "Search Request" for any executive not yet in our database
  • Receive a status report within 1 business day
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BI Features Relationship Mapping Final
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Includes All Features of BI SIGNATURE, Plus...
  • In-depth analysis of executive priorities, interests and more across groups of executives or accounts

  • And the ability to create an unlimited number of projects and reports

Business Priority Analysis
  • Collect insight across top executives or accounts
  • Narrow searches by role, job function or initiative
Create Unlimited Executive Projects
  • Gather insight across key executives or accounts
  • Generate reports on up to 1,000 executives at a time
  • Collect intelligence to support sales, marketing and executive strategies
Common Threads
  • Identify common employers, alma maters and interests across your group
  • Curate content that will resonate with your target audience
Relationship Mapping
  • Identify common connections across groups of executives or accounts
  • View highlights of relative strengths of each connection for valuable insight
  • Visualize relationships to understand how executives know each other
Audience Analysis
  • High-level view of top priorities, common interests and more
  • Analyze what brings your connections together
User Dashboard
  • Provides an instant snapshot of updates to important accounts
Real-Time Updates
  • View updates immediately on your updated dashboard
  • Receive alerts and notifications about recent executive changes
Advanced Search Capabilities
  • Find executives by company, role, interests and more
  • Save custom searches for important groups of executives
Saved Searches
  • Create and save custom searches for groups of executives
  • Immediately view updates of profiles in your searches
  • Save searches for projects to share with your team
  • View custom alerts on changes to specific executives
  • Receive emails as soon as changes are made
Time In Role
  • Search by amount of time executives have spent in a role
  • Identify by: <30 days, <90 days and <180 days
Export Reports to CSV
  • Export your searches to CSV
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Who Needs BI


C-Level Marketing

When you're targeting key decision makers and C-level executives, you need insight into their business priorities, interests and focus areas. Boardroom Insiders is your source for all of that and more.


C-Level Sales

Selling to the C-suite requires more than a phone number and email address. Boardroom Insiders tells you what those executives want to talk about to give you a foot in the door.

person (2)

C-Level Recruiting

To find the right fit for a C-level role, you need more than a resume. Boardroom Insiders offers in-depth insight into strategies, perspective and more so you can find the right executive for the job.

“I believed in the service. I believed it would help the sales people and would help yield better intelligence in meetings, foster quicker synergy and eventually lead to partnerships and, ultimately, the sale. And the thing about it is, it’s not manipulative; it’s education. It educates you about the person who you’re about to meet. You want to bring value to this person, and the best way to bring value is to understand who they are first.”
Melissa Watts Senior Marketing Manager, Adobe
“BI PRO helped us personalize the experience for attendees of our inaugural conference, and the reaction was astounding. The speed and ease with which we were able to generate a visual relationship map of all of our attendees was mind-blowing. This could be a game-changing product that helps sales and marketing teams better understand and engage executive-level audiences.”
Veteran CMO Dustin Ritter CEO & Founder of Personalization ONE
"BI Pro is a compelling addition to the Boardroom Insiders offering. The relationship mapping tool solves the challenge of how to uncover actionable connections between executives in an elegant way. I can see this as an invaluable addition to the ABM toolscape."
Dorothea Gosling Director, Global Marketing Programs,
Pursuits and ABM at DXC Technology

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