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C-Level Intelligence for Executive Recruiters

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The wrong c-level hire can cost millions. Do you know how to avoid it?

The best executive recruiters leave no stone unturned when it comes to gathering insight on C-Level candidates. The wrong hire can cost a company up to three times their salary, when you factor in the loss of productivity, workplace disruption and new hiring costs.

When you’re talking about hires at the SVP level and above, which come with huge salaries, the cost of a bad hire can run into the millions.

What are you doing to get to know talent better and assess cultural fit, thus avoiding less-than-optimal executive hires?

You need a crack research team

This is where we come in. Boardroom Insiders executive profiles tell you where individual C-level executives came from and what they care about, from personal background, passions and interests, to key business accomplishments and special skills or expertise. Armed with this information, executive search professionals:

  • Get to know talent BEFORE the need arises
  • Deliver more value for business partners
  • Shorten time to fill
  • Avoid less-than-optimal hires

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