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The C-Level Executive Engagement Guide

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"When I look at the largest transactions ... every transaction was done with the CEO.” - Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff speaking on an earnings call about how the company has been able to dramatically increase its deal size. 


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Engaging with the C-Suite and top-level executives is not easy.  It can’t be automated. And it requires a level of insight and business acumen that many acquire only through "trial by fire."  However, the high-dollar transactions at stake leave no room for trial and error. Boardroom Insiders has the Executive Engagement knowledge that you need, to take the guesswork out of these important meetings. 


This ebook includes:

  •    Tips for succeeding in the C-Suite
  •    How to conquer your fear of the C-Suite
  •    Tips for SDRs trying to break into the C-Suite
  •    How to have an insightful business conversation in the C-Suite and engaging CXO executives

An understanding of C-Level executives and their business priorities is an important way to jump-start important business conversations for your sales and marketing teams. To break into the C-Suite and make your team more successful, this knowledgable insight from Boardroom Insiders is the best place to start. 

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