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As an executive recruiter, my clients rely on me to bring the best prospects to the table. This has to be someone who not only has the experience and skill, but someone that blends with the culture.

Senior Recruiter for National Executive Placement Firm

Executive Level Recruiting

When You’re Filling Executive Roles, Preparation is Everything.

  • Find The Right People

    The wrong C-level hire can cost millions. There are the hard costs of salary and severance, but also the soft costs of missed opportunities, damaged morale and business stagnation. You need to find the right people, right from the start.

  • Know Your Prospects

    When you’re filling executive roles, you have to know more about potential candidates than bio and background. You have to understand their approach, their personality and their management style to determine whether that person will fit into a given organization. In the world of executive recruiting, ‘fit’ is more valuable than any past successes.

  • Timing Matters

    Executive recruiting high-stakes, time-consuming work, but fortunately, you're not alone. How do you find that information, fast? That's where Boardroom Insiders comes in.

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Your Competitive Advantage

We offer two distinct ways to help C-level sellers close bigger deals, faster: BI SIGNATURE gives you access to our database of 20,000 Executive Profiles, offering in-depth insight into key decision makers at Fortune 1000 companies. BI PRO allows you to generate valuable insights across a group of executives or accounts, information that includes business priorities, common interests, relationship mapping and audience analysis.

Where We Come In

We work with executive firms and recruiters to offer valuable insights into potential candidates, including:


Personal attributes and interests

business conversations

Business priorities and challenges, pulled from speeches, articles and earnings calls


Biographical highlights


Board and organizational memberships

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