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C-Level Engagement and
Large-Account ABM 

Hardly a day goes by without us hearing something about Account Based Marketing, or ABM. It's one of the hottest topics in sales and marketing today.

Given that there are different types of ABM—and different approaches depending on your market and your strategy—there has been a lot of confusion about the role of C-Level engagement and where it fits into ABM.  

In this ebook not only will you learn how C-Level engagement fits into ABM, but you'll also learn:

  •    The Three "Flavors" of ABM
  •    Why Large Account ABM is the Sweet Spot for C-Level Engagement
  •    Which Companies are Succeeding and How
  •    Four Things You Need to Succeed




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"When sellers call on me, I want to know that they are listening, that they have a point of view, and to hear some recommendations and ideas in the context of my business. If they don't relate it to me, they have lost credibility and set their sales cycle back...If you want to engage with a customer, what better way than to show them you are interested in their business?"

—James (Jim) Steele, President, and Chief Revenue Officer, Yext Inc.


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