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I'm Ready to Up My Executive Engagement Game!

High performing sales and marketing teams spend hours researching executive decision makers, looking for the right “hook” to engage them, whether it's a specific business initiative, a relevant quote, a hobby, or a strong connection to a colleague.

We’ve built an executive engagement platform that tells you all this and more, instantly.


During your demonstration you will:
  • Learn how Boardroom Insiders Executive Profiles provide C-Level intelligence that will give you back hours of sales preparation time.
  • View a full executive profile relevant to your industry and key accounts.
  • Learn how our customers are using our insight to have better business conversations and close bigger deals, faster. 
  • Learn how Boardroom Insiders customers are using our insight to improve executive engagement and ABM efforts.
And with BI PRO you will : 
  • Review our advanced dashboards focused on Relationship Mapping, Business Priority Analysis, Audience Analysis and more.
  • See Boardroom Insiders in action with your market or company information.

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