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Why Boardroom Insiders?

There's no worse feeling than being unprepared for a meeting with a c-level executive.  When it comes to having a business conversation with a Fortune 500 decision maker, preparation is everything. 

Preparing for and having a business conversation doesn't have to be hard.  Learn how Boardroom Insiders executive profiles can help you closer bigger deals, faster.  (1:23)

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Nailing the First 5 Minutes of a Business Conversation

CXO conversations are necessary, inevitable and critical. All of the talk about needing to have "business conversations" with customers is no longer a "nice to do." It's a "must do." 

With that in mind, we offer some fundamental rules of thumb when it comes to planning a business conversation with a CXO or line-of-business leader.  (3:11)

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CXO Meeting Prep

CXO engagement expert Sharon Gillenwater, how to use Seaking Alpha to find relevant information from an earnings call transcript and prepare for conversations with CXO or LOB leaders.  (4:42)

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Enterprise Sales Strategies: Be a Generous Know-It-All

Learn how to be a generous know-it-all by truly listening to what your customer has to say and then offering something relevant and valuable in return. In a world of increasingly short attention spans, many of us haven't cultivated those skills. This video shares four tips for developing them. (2:26)

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C-Suite Selling Success Stories and the Five Things You Need to Succeed

In the past, digital transformation has been confined to the margins of the business. But today, it has now captured the attention of CEOs, requiring them to make tough decisions. Learn how companies such as DXC Technology (formerly CSC) and Salesforce have used C-suite selling to engage CXOs and close bigger deals, faster. (16:14)

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How to Use a Boardroom Insiders Executive Profile
The right customer intelligence can help you shorten your sales cycle and close bigger deals faster.  Sales-leadership expert, Lisa Earle McLeod shares how to use an executive profile from Boardroom Insiders to strategically craft her thoughts and conversation with C-level executives. (3:04)
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