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This is where it all began — BI SIGNATURE, our digital database of 20,000+ profiles on Fortune 1000 executives from across the country. Those Executive Profiles are designed to offer intelligence you can't find anywhere else, with insight into business priorities, personal interests, work histories, challenges and focus areas. They are your foot in the door, your value-add in executive conversations and your competitive advantage when you're targeting the C-suite.

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BI SIGNATURE gives C-level marketers in-depth insight into the decision makers they're targeting. Each profile includes:

  • Personal attributes and interests for Fortune 1000 executives
  • Business priorities and challenges
  • Biographical highlights
  • Board and organizational memberships

Ideal For:

  • Large-account ABM
  • Enterprise marketers
  • Field marketers

Our executive profiles

Include the Intelligence You Need to Connect with Your Target Audience and Close Bigger Deals, Faster.

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Biographical highlights

Biographical highlights

Detailed information about personal backgrounds, employment history, interests, hobbies and more.


Business priorities

Business priorities

Insight into the strategies, goals, and challenges for executives and their companies.


Board memberships

Board memberships

Information on board memberships and affiliations for your target executives. 

Social media

Social media

Social media

Links to all relevant social media accounts to offer added insight and opportunities for connection. 


News and Interviews

News and Interviews

Access to all recent news and interviews on any of your selected executives.

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Accuracy is Key

Our research is compiled by an expert, U.S.-based team that uses hundreds of accredited sources, from news outlets to earnings call transcripts and more. It's the kind of insight that allows your team to engage in powerful, value-driven conversations with your most important accounts.

We’re so confident in our data, we give our customers the opportunity to challenge any of our findings. Updates often available within one business day.

Case Studies

Real Scenarios from Companies Who are Leveraging Boardroom Insiders to Grow Business, Close More Deals and Capture New Markets.

Gaining the competitive edge

For a marketing manager like Melissa Watts, relationships are everything. Boardroom Insiders gave this Adobe manager a tool to help her sales team strengthen those relationship and close bigger deals, faster.

a perfect fit

How do you demonstrate your value to an executive? You cut through the noise and provide important insight they’re after. For this technology solutions provider, BI SIG helped identify their target’s goals and pitch their solutions, making the perfect fit.

Breaking from tradition

Boardroom Insiders' BI SIGNATURE solution helped this national telecommunications provider take its ABM program from pilot stage to full-throttle.

the big win

With a proposal stalling, this IT company used BI PRO and discovered that one of their own directors was a colleague of the CIO they were pitching to and were able to close the deal with that connection.

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