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The Essentials for Effective Account Planning

The Essentials for Effective Account Planning

A Boardroom Insiders' eBook

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Account Plans are essential tools when it comes to nurturing, growing, and maintaining relationships with your most important customers. Does your company Account Plan have the right information?

eBook cover- Essentials for Effective Account Planning

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Most Account Plans contain your account-specific objectives for the year, information about what the customer has purchased from you in the past, and what competing products they might have purchased.  While this mainstream set of information is typical in Account Plans, there is more information needed to make your plan a truly effective tool for your team.

This Boardroom Insiders eBook is designed to help your team create a strong plan that works. 



  • The Problem with Account Plans Today
  • Five Essentials Things your Account Plan is Probably Missing
  • Five Tips for Better Account Plans
  • Top Sources for your Account Plan Research

An understanding of Account Plans and crafting them effectively can be the secret weapon for closing business with strategic, "must-win" new customers.

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